Growing the Economy

$1.7 billion purchased by Pitt in local goods and services in one year.

33,800 jobs supported locally in 2014.

$41.8 million in total revenue generated from Pitt's commercialization activities in one year.

74 patents awarded for new inventions by Pitt faculty and students in 2014.

Pitt supports thousands of well-paying jobs, including many fulltime teaching and research positions.

117 startup companies launched since 1996.

$389 million spent by Pitt students on local goods, services, housing, etc.

$113 million in construction jobs and infrastructure investments in one year.

28,000 local jobs created in 2014 by funding brought here by Pitt researchers.

$151 million generated locally by campus visitors and guests from around the world.

Pitt's Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence increased client revenues by $14.5 million, created or protected 543 jobs, and raised $14 million in capital for local business in 2014.

$145.2 million generated in local government revenues in 2014.

In one year, 55 entrepreneurs in the region received advice and guidance from Pitt in starting or buying a business.

Pitt licensed or optioned 150 technology or business innovations to outside partners in 2014.

646 business owners in the region were counseled and guided about business-growth issues by Pitt in 2014.

More than $2 billion spent on local construction projects in the past two decades, creating jobs, improving infrastructure, and preserving history.