Adding Value

More than $10 million spent annually to operate and support the Pitt Police Department, the third largest police force in Allegheny County.

Over the past several years, the University of Pittsburgh invested over $350,000 for pedestrian and traffic safety improvements in Oakland’s public corridors. A portion of this investment leveraged an additional $1.2 million partnership from PennDOT and the Southwest Pennsylvania Commission.

Pitt police serve the Oakland community, reducing costs for the City of Pittsburgh.

Community access to recreational and learning opportunities provided for more than 45 years by the School of Education's Leisure Learn Program, serving adults and youth in neighborhoods near campus.

More than 10,000 academic degrees awarded each year to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who will build the future.

$9.6 million generated for the city through payroll withholdings for the City Employee Wage Tax in 2014.

Through Pitt's University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR), a reliable technology infrastructure provides policymakers and citizens with data-driven tools to improve the effectiveness of local government, recently enhanced by the new Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center.

More than $2 million paid by Pitt for the City Parking Tax and Amusement Tax in 2014.

$250,000 in funds and in-kind services for the Hometown Streets/Safe Routes to School Program grant, which leveraged an additional $1.2 million, to improve pedestrian safety in partnership with PennDOT and the Southwest Pennsylvania Commission.

$500,000 contributed as in-kind services for the Schenley Plaza Project in the Oakland neighborhood.

$1.9 million paid in city/school real estate taxes by Pitt for leased property in local neighborhoods.